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The 90’s Revealed Burlesque Show!

Ana Seethe’s Exposé
The 90’s Revealed Burlesque Show!

11 Sep 2019 – 7:30PM

How much do you know or remember about the 90's?

  • Do you know why Gen X was so angry?

  • Why exactly were the Spice Girls so groundbreaking?

Ana Seethe, who came of age in the 90's, will shed some light on the good and bad side of this beloved decade.

There is a story behind these pop culture icons and remnants which Ana Seethe, burlesque performer and producer, along with her friends, are going to reveal in this 90 minute burlesque show, and it isn't always pretty.

Ana has hand picked the performances, topics, music and performers to journey back to the 90's, exploring some of the major events of each year with music, words, dance and burlesque.

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Later Event: 15 September
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